its so embarrassing being apart of the dance moms fandom :)

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Dance Moms February Challenge Day Three: favourite mother/daughter relationship

Christi & Chloe Lukasiak

"My job as your mum is to protect you."

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Nine Favorite Pictures Of… -> Maddie & Chloe [part three]

nineteen year old harry


the worst thing to ever happen since seventeen year old harry


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"your password is weak" fuck you

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  • yoko ono: survived world war II
  • yoko ono: started making feminist avant-garde in the 50s/60s
  • yoko ono: released feminist songs that are considered hymns of the movement
  • yoko ono: turned john lennon into a activist for women's rights and non-violence AND also inspired him for lots of his songs
  • yoko ono: had her daughter taken away from her and was strong as fuck to live with it
  • yoko ono: fights against fracking 'cause she worries about people's health
  • yoko ono: is frickin 80 years old and still perform and dance and write songs
  • yoko ono: supports gay marriage
  • media: remembers her as a "japanese bitch" who broke up that beatles band or whatever

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vertical/personal/love ♥


vertical/personal/love ♥

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  • Abby: Mackenzie you are getting too old for cute
  • Abby: Mackenzie here's another jazz acro solo called Bubble gum cherry pop cutesy bop

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